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NIH Revises JIT Policy

April 6th, 2012 | by Kris Bergman
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In an effort to reduce the time from review to award, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that, effective April 20, 2012, anyone receiving an impact score* of 40 or less on a grant application will receive a notice requesting submission of JIT information.  JIT is an acronym for Just-In-Time and refers to the process during which applicants are asked to provide more information.  (*The impact score is the peer reviewers’ assessment of the likelihood for the project to exert “a sustained, powerful influence” on the research field(s) involved. The lower the score, the better.)

The JIT notice will be sent via email from eCommons to the Principal Investigator two weeks after scores are released. This is not an email you want to miss, so watch for it.

In eCommons, the JIT link will be activated 24 hours after the scores are released.  Do not respond to the JIT until you have received your email request!

What do you need for JIT?

First-time awardees will be asked to complete a Financial Questionnaire. To complete the questionnaire, you will need to be able to answer questions about your organization’s accounting and timekeeping systems, misconduct and conflict of interest policies, and financial policies and procedures.  In addition, all potential awardees will be asked to supply a statement of “Other Current and Pending Support” as well as certifications, including:

  • IACUC Approval date
  • IRB approval date
  • Human Subjects education

Additional JIT information, such as revised budgets, or changes to the human subjects/animals studies, etc., may be requested by the Institutes or Centers. Each case is different, and each Institute or Center has different requirements.

A final note: This does not take into consideration the various institutes’ paylines, and it should not be considered a confirmation of funding, but it is a positive sign.  Never miss a chance to celebrate the fruits of your labor along the way!

BBC provides assistance with JIT requests and can also help with tips for managing your award.  Contact us for more information.


Kris Bergman is a BBC’s Consultant for Grants and Contract Management.  She assists clients in preparing to receive and manage federal grant and contract funds. This includes advice on financial policies and procedures, DCAA compliance, budget development, indirect cost negotiation, Just-in-Time response, using QuickBooks and preparing for government audits.  Email Kris

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