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July 9th, 2010 | by Lisa Kurek
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As I draft this, the team here at BBC is experiencing the typical  increase in activity that occurs in the 30 day window prior to a grant deadline. Frantic writing.  Requests for immediate feedback.  The scramble to identify people to round out the project team.  For individuals and organizations writing grant proposals in response to federal solicitations, these are all examples of what happens as the time crunch descends.  What can help make this last minute push easier?  Having taken the time well before the proposal writing begins to understand the customer!  Who is the customer?  The agency you are targeting your proposal to.

Which brings me to two videos recently posted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that provide insight into what NIH is looking for and how applicants can better prepare their proposals to meet NIH’s expectations.  As one reviewer in the video states: “Do you homework as to what NIH is looking for”.

Planning on applying to NIH?  Take 15 minutes to watch. Planning on applying to any agency?  Do your homework!  These are just two examples of the myriad resources available to help grant applicants.

Lisa M. Kurek, Managing Partner, BBC

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