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Submitting to NIH This Cycle? A quick tip . . .

March 26th, 2013 | by Jayne Berkaw

You may have already written the title of your SBIR/STTR project, but with the NIH deadline fast approaching (April 5, but for best results think April 1) we suggest taking another look. Make sure that it really tells your story, conveying what your product is (Innovation), and what public health problem it addresses (Significance).

The title and Abstract affect how NIH will assign your application and report your research dollars to Congress, and NIH referral officers depend on these to assign your application to the most appropriate Study Section and Institute.

Your title should be unique. Make sure it differs from any other applications or awards and has suitable keywords so NIH referral staff assign your application to the correct institute and study section.

An SBIR/STTR Phase II application should have the same title as the previously awarded Phase I grant.

Please Note: You have only 81 characters to describe your project (including spaces and punctuation). Thanks to a quirk of the application forms it will allow you to type in more than 81 characters into the title field, but this will be truncated on the application, which makes for some mysterious titles, so please watch out for this.

Andrea Johanson is a BBCetc Principal Consultant and expert in the NIH SBIR/STTR Program.

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