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Talking to Strangers

January 14th, 2011 | by Michael Kurek
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My partner Lisa is a consummate networker but let’s face it … networking does not come naturally to everyone … and that’s especially true for scientists and engineers. This fact presents a real challenge for technology entrepreneurs for whom effective networking is often critical to the success of their new enterprise.

To help conquer their twin fears of “talking to strangers” and “personal rejection,” Lisa offers some common sense advice … “networking is not about YOU.” Most people love to talk about themselves. Your job as a networker is to make it easy, and acceptable, for them to do just that. “Open-ended questions” and “active listening” are the secret ingredients of networking pros.

Here are some other tips networking for introverts. (And by the way – Lisa was trained as an engineer and spent many years in the lab!)


Michael P. Kurek, PhD, MBA, Partner, BBC

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