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August 19th, 2010 | by Lisa Kurek
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BBC’s consulting team spends countless hours working with individuals and companies to help them develop successful proposals.  We edit, critique and revise.  We help fill out forms.  We nag and cajole to get components drafted well before deadlines.  And we are always looking for resources that can provide additional guidance.  My partner recently passed along a link to “Science Writing Tips and Tricks“, one of the Education Resources provided on Promega Corporation’s web site.  I am not sure where he came across this page that links to a variety of articles related to scientific writing but considering the fact that Michael is the most skilled writer on our team, I knew that they must be useful references.  It has been our experience that no matter how well one writes there are always ways to improve.  Ultimately, the most important component of any proposal is the writing.  Great writing combined with access to a capable editor is a fundamental component of successful proposal development. Write on! 

Lisa M. Kurek, Managing Partner, BBC

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