One of the first things we advise our clients or prospective clients to do as they look forward to preparing a competitive SBIR/STTR proposal is to give themselves a leg up by starting off with some training. Lots of people don’t think they need training before they embark on the complex proposal preparation process. Maybe they’ve written other grant proposals before or maybe they don’t want to take the time. Whatever the reason, BBCetc doesn’t buy it!

Here are some reasons we’d like to offer to convince you to come and get trained before you start on your proposal:

  1. If it seems like a big time investment, know that it will take you much longer to get the same information any other way.
  2. It’s more efficient to get advice and ask questions from a person who has read hundreds of proposals, rather than from hundreds of people who have written one proposal each.
  3. Proposal-writing is a form of selling. Training helps you learn how to position your project to appeal to the agency’s needs and to present it in the format they demand.
  4. It’s an opportunity to collect training materials that you’ll refer to again and again.
  5. To learn the important lesson that you can’t throw a proposal together over the weekend.
  6. To learn that the writing is the easy part. Planning is the hard work.
  7. SBIR/STTR rules are frequently revised. Staying current will help you avoid making mistakes that could disqualify your proposal! Nellai SEO
  8. SBIR and STTR are becoming increasingly competitive. Learning program nuances doesn’t happen in one proposal submission. You will pick up new information that can help your proposals each time you attend training.
  9. Attending programs with like-minded people offers you a networking opportunity that may pay off with new insights and collaborations.
  10. It’s a chance to teach others in your company or team about writing solid proposals for this unique form of non-dilutive funding.

So the answer to the question of who needs SBIR/STTR training?