My partners and I are so grateful for the State of Michigan’s program enabling us to work with the BBC team.  In 2019 my partners who were a university professor and PhD. candidate invented and patented a novel method for greatly improving computer vision using LIDAR. The technology has the potential to be included in every autonomous or aided vehicle, robot and drone; a market we estimate in the billions of dollars if we succeed.  The development of our technology is capital intensive and not a good candidate for venture funding.  Since 2019 we have bid on multiple SBIRs and STTRs with no success.  We were introduced to BBC through the State of Michigan’s program in 2022.  We have been very impressed with their knowledge and passion for helping us.  We believe it would be nearly impossible for us to win government funding writing bids without BBC due to all of the complexities of the bids and different government agencies. We think of BBC as an extension of our team and feel lucky to be working with them.

Phil Okun

Partner, Photon Semantics

Prior to working with BBCetc we submitted an STTR Phase I grant application…and wasn’t funded. For the resubmission,  BBCetc was recommended and we used them to prepare a more polished and appropriate application – and we were funded. We then decided to try for Phase II and were funded again, with BBCetc’s help, but our next application failed when we thought we knew enough to get funded on our own.  We have learned our lesson!  No more STTR/SBIR applications without BBCetc!

Lynn McCain

President, INHERET

In response to a special situation from the NSF, we used BBC to guide our proposal and were able to get NSF funding for our new testing method for detecting intact COVID-19. We are grateful for the timely, specific, thoughtful, and adept guidance provided by BBC.
Rajesh Krishnamurthy

CTO, 3i Diagnostics

The staff at BBC skillfully guided us through the application process, and after we received awards from USDA they helped us with the grant administration. We doubt we would have received the funding without their assistance.
Mark Ledebuhr

President, Applications Insight

When I started my company, I was seeking early stage funding but my technology was too risky for traditional investors. BBC has helped Creathadh Energies learn, understand and receive SBIR funding from NSF that is helping us bring our innovation to market. We have found their advice pointed, relevant, invaluable, and much better than the grant writing training I received as a post-doc.
James McCullagh, PhD

President, Creathadh Energies

I would HIGHLY recommend consulting with BBCetc for anyone looking to apply for federal SBIR grants. Registering your company on government portals, writing your proposal, collecting necessary documents, and submitting the application online is an extremely daunting and painful task. The staff at BBC is extremely knowledgeable and will guide you through the process, reduce your anxiety, and you can’t thank them enough at the end!

I attended my first BBCetc training with Andrea Johanson in 2015, and I still carry the slides and notes I took back then. Subsequently, we were awarded an NIH Phase I in 2016 and Phase II award in 2017. During the peak of COVID, we were planning to apply for another SBIR and I wanted to brush up on the application process. On short notice I contacted Jodi, and the BBCetc team was very responsive and provided me access to their webinars. BBCetc training was invaluable and I was able to apply for 2 SBIRs at the same time and both were awarded!

Girish Kulkarni

President, Arborsense Inc.

The staff at BBC offer highly knowledgeable, responsive and effective guidance in what can be a dauntingly complex arena. They played a key role in helping us obtain multiple NIH awards.
Will van Kampen

CTO, Xoran Technologies

Safesense has been working on novel smart electronic devices and systems using flexible hybrid electronics for the sports performance, defense and medical markets. Part of our funding strategy has been to seek non-dilutive SBIR/STTR funds. With the help of BBC staff, we were able to successfully obtain a DOD SBIR award that will help us commercialize our product.
Binu B. Narakathu

President, Safesense Technologies

LifeSci NYC continues making progress on efforts to be a global leaders in commercial life sciences.  The fruits of your efforts with SBIR Impact in NYC continue to pay off as companies are continuing to grow, scientists are spending more time commercially and the facilities to capture this growth are starting to emerge.

Doug Thiede

SVP Life Sciences & Healthcare, Initiatives, New York City Economic Development Corporation