Registration Requirements

Are You Registered?

One of the most critical details in preparing SBIR and STTR proposals has nothing to do with writing the proposal – it’s getting registered so that you can submit before the deadline. A surprising number of applicants don’t do it correctly! The ramifications? Failure to submit!

Most agencies advise allowing at least four-to-six weeks to complete the registration process. Further, every agency has its own requirements, typically involving multiple individual registrations. To help you start the process, we’ve provided the following table highlighting the various registration requirements for each of the agencies. The agency names and registration types are hyperlinked to help you find the relevant information.

Please don’t underestimate the number of glitches that can occur along the way. Start the process early. Confirm each step after completed with the appropriate organization. Use the help desks if you encounter any problems. Contact us for assistance.

SAM (System of Award Management)**XX*XXXXXXXXX
eRA CommonsX
PAMS (DOE Office of Science Portfolion Analysis and Mgmt. System)X
ASAP (Automated Standard Application for Payments)X
EHB (Electronic Handbook)XX

* DoD does not require SAM registration until time of award but encourages applicants to get it when submitting.
** SAM registration is not required before the registration.