After the Award: Organize or Die

Why your new company needs a strong backbone. In a strong organization, “responsibility” is not meant to be a way to point fingers. Instead, it is used to identify areas that need improvement. That’s the secret to a company’s future — organization that leads to...

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The NSF released their 2022 solicitation document January 13, 2022 and there are a few noteworthy changes from the past solicitations: NSF increased the SBIR/STTR Phase I funding amount to a maximum of $275,000 to better support the nation's startups and small...

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After the Award #4 : Avoiding the Red Flags

Avoiding the Red Flags Prevention is the best method of making sure you’re considered a “best bet” to complete the work. The following questions are the ones on the minds of the agency considering you for an award. They’re also often employed by outside investors,...

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After the Award #3: Will an audit be required?

Will an audit be required? The short answer? Yes. And no. It depends on the agency granting the award. But why do SBIR agencies even require audits after the award? Simple. They want to ensure that your financial system is free from misstatements, fraud or errors;...

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What happens after the award?

#1: Hire the employees You can’t do everything yourself. You need the right people to help you move your company forward. But hiring the right people goes beyond simply finding them. Here are a few important things to consider: 1. Employee offer letter or employment...

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