Programs for Entrepreneurial Support Organizations

BBCetc’s results demonstrate that training, supported by one-on-one assistance, significantly contributes to raising the number, quality and funding success of applications.

We work with state, regional and local economic development organizations, SBDC’s, APEX’s and universities nation-wide to provide SBIR/STTR education, proposal development and one-on-one assistance programs for technology entrepreneurs and companies in their ecosystem.

  • In 2022, BBCetc worked with clients in 43 states, including Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Arizona, Washington, Florida, Puerto Rico and more.
  • Michigan clients alone have been awarded more than $425 million in federal grants and contracts since 2002.

Our suite of services for institutional clients is listed below and includes training, proposal preparation and review, and post-award assistance for the SBIR and STTR programs. Contact us to discuss your needs and learn how we can collaborate to build SBIR/STTR awareness in your ecosystem and improve the competitiveness of SBIR/STTR proposals for your entrepreneurs.


Live Training

  • On-site Training – One-to-two-day workshops providing in-depth content tailored to client expectations and audience needs. Extensive tools for later use are provided. We also offer short programs that cover specific topics and are ideal for Lunch & Learn events, breakout sessions and more.
  • Virtual Training –Interactive, half-to-full day, online sessions with on-camera speaker(s). Timely breaks, activities and regular interaction with participants increase engagement and involvement. Multiple speakers can be featured when area expertise is useful. Virtual training also includes short programs (see above). Learn more

On-demand Training

  • Webinar Library – Single-topic programs lasting approximately 30-45-minutes that introduce, complement or enhance BBCetc’s onsite and virtual classroom courses.
  • Custom Content — On-demand programs developed with content customized for your specific needs.

View training options. Contact us to discuss other options.

One-on-One Consulting Programs

BBCetc consults with many companies that are sponsored by client organizations. Services available for these programs include:

  • One-on-one telephone assessment of company eligibility and readiness for SBIR/STTR
  • Assistance in identifying appropriate solicitations
  • Guidance on proposal preparation, including review of technical objectives, hypotheses, and drafting supporting documents, and proposal edits with extensive interactive feedback
  • Hands-on help with agency registrations and electronic submission
  • Post-submission support, including proposal revision and resubmission 

Contact us for examples and advice.

Cohort Programs

Cohort programs are typically structured for a group of companies targeting a specific agency’s deadline with companies selected through a competitive process. Programming includes intensive training, eligibility assessments, an optional series of interactive webinars and one-on-one SBIR/STTR proposal development assistance. Applicants complete an online assessment form followed by a call with a BBCetc consultant, who provides a report on and recommendations for each applicant. The client then selects cohort participants, and BBCetc provides regular progress updates on participating companies.

BBCetc suggests various ways of approaching pricing for cohort programs. We are happy to recommend alternatives based on your budget and objectives.

Post-Award Management Services

BBCetc provides post-award grant and contract management assistance to companies. This service includes comprehensive one-on-one consulting plus BBCetc’s agency-specific tools, including documents and templates typically required by federal agencies. Services can include such things as:

  • Understanding what is required for a compliant accounting system
  • How to get started – how to get the money
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Monitoring of award funds for budget compliance

BBCetc webinars cover a wide spectrum of focused SBIR/STTR-related topics. Single webinars or webinar series can be scheduled for clients needing to reach companies in numerous locations or for small groups in a single location where discussion can be interactive. Clients can also arrange access to our on-demand webinar library for their companies.

SBIR/STTR Assessments: Eligibility, Suitability, Readiness

BBCetc provides SBIR/STTR assessment services for economic development and institutional clients to screen current or prospective program participants. Based on information gleaned from an assessment form, followed by diligence on and a call with the applicant, BBCetc provides written feedback on eligibility, project suitability, readiness and recommendations for next steps. This expert input helps clients make decisions on the best use of resources, what training to offer and which clients to support for further SBIR/STTR consulting assistance.

Train the Screener

BBCetc’s “Train the Screener” programs teach those who work directly with entrepreneurs how to assess clients for SBIR/STTR appropriateness. A half-day session can cover SBIR/STTR basics along with what questions to ask in determining company eligibility for the programs and preparedness for developing a competitive proposal. That session can be pared down to a webinar or expanded to a full day including such topics as “University Participation in SBIR/STTR (issues addressed from the university perspective); “You’ve Won the Award. Now What?” (how to accept government money and stay in compliance); and “Commercialization Planning for SBIR-Stage Companies” (how to get the market information needed to determine financial projections and product impact).

SBIR/STTR Proposal Toolkit

BBCetc offers licensed access to our proprietary SBIR and STTR proposal development materials to organizations that regularly assist companies in preparing these proposals.

A license to our NIH, DOE, NSF or USDA agency-specific tool kit will include access for one person, for one year. All templates, tools and materials are updated with each solicitation cycle for that agency. Each organization license receives an annual in-service presentation about accessing and using the licensed materials.