Do you have an innovation that the Department of Air Force (DAF) needs, but they don’t have a specific topic that fits your technology? The Air Force has released their tentative schedule for Open Topics. Open Topics allow small businesses to submit their technology solutions in the proposal process and define how they think their solution will benefit the warfighter.

During Phase I, feasibility and customer discovery are conducted during a 3-month period of performance during which the small business works to identify their Air Force end user (warfighter) and customer (program office). Once that’s done, their aim is to get the end user and customer to sign a Customer Memorandum documenting their intent to work with the small business on transitioning their technology to warfighters.

A signed customer memorandum is required for eligibility for a Phase 2 or Direct to Phase 2. During the 21-month Phase 2 or Direct to Phase 2 period, the small businesses works with the DAF Customer and End User who signed the Customer Memorandum AND must demonstrate technical merit. Pre-Release for AFWERX Open Topic Direct to Phase 2 is at the end of March 2023.

Pre-Release for Open Phase 1 is expected in mid-August 2023. Click here for more information.