The FY24 SBIR contract solicitation (PHS-2024-1) has been released. The solicitation lists specific need areas (referred to as Contract Topics). To submit a contract proposal, your small business must respond to one of these topics. Proposals are due by Tuesday, November 14 at 05:00 p.m. EDT.

What’s the difference between NIH grants and contracts?

While most awards are in the form of grants, roughly 5-10% of NIH and CDC SBIR awards are made through contract procurement. There are three key things to remember when applying for a contract solicitation:

  • Contract proposals must respond to a specific topic
  • Only select Institutes and Centers participate in the contract mechanism

The contract application process differs from the grants application process because:

  • A proposal in response to the Contract Topic requires its own separate proposal to the IC that created it; grant funding announcements allow for a response to multiple IC-identified priorities (or even one not specifically named) in one application.
  • Contract proposals must be submitted through the electronic Contract Proposal Submission (eCPS), a component of NIH’s integrated, secure system for the electronic submission, capture, tracking, and review of contract proposals.

If you need help with your proposal, BBCetc is ready to work with you to develop the strongest submission possible. To explore working with a BBCetc consultant complete our assessment form, here.