Virtual Startup School

Get the information you need to pursue SBIR/STTR funding and build your idea into a business through on-demand training you can access at your own pace. You’ll find valuable guidance in our curated Virtual Startup School program along with our library of on-demand webinars.

Recordings and support materials to help you learn at your own pace. Virtual Startup School is based on program developed at the University of Kansas using the lean launchpad methodology. The program is  available for $495.

This 8-segment program will provide the tools you’ll need to:

  • Assess the commercialization potential of your technology/product
  • Determine the long-term viability of your innovation
  • Discover shortcomings before they become problems
  • Identify key next steps to ensure a strong development path
  • Prepare a summary business pitch

Each class takes you a step closer to commercializing your research technology:

Class #1: Conceptualize potential business opportunity/research application

Focus on making a disciplined examination and create a detailed description of : Problem being addressed, proposed solution, and differentiation vs others in competitive space.

Class #2: Define opportunity

Ensure a positive return-on-development by: Determining the size and trend of the target market, understanding the strengths/weaknesses of the competition, identifying stakeholders whose acceptance is critical to commercial success.

Class #3: Construct business model

Discover how resources will be assembled and combined to produce a profitable enterprise.

Class #4: Conduct customer discovery
Validate the conceptual appeal of your business concept, identify opportunities for improvement and hypothesize your resource utilization.
Class #5: Pivot
Iterate to enhance the commercial potential of application of research technology (e.g., refocus research application toward larger commercial potential) and reconstruct the business concept and business model.
Class #6: Legal
Resolve various legal issues (e.g., search/file for IP; establish organization legal structure; prepare Founders’ Agreement).
Class #7: Estimate commercial value of research technology
Determine if further development is warranted and get the necessary input for SBIR grant application. Consolidate all startup development efforts combining customer discovery, forecasting and evaluating into The Pitch.
Class #8: The Pitch
Validate continued development efforts and provide a compelling presentation to motivate stakeholders and investors.

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