Wendy Hastings

FLC Chair and NCI Senior Technology Transfer Manager, NIH - HHS

Dr. Whitney Hastings is Chair of the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) and a Senior Technology Transfer Manager at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Technology Transfer Center. She has decades of experience in technology transfer leading numerous technology transfer initiatives and managing diverse portfolios including therapeutics, medical devices, cosmetics, software and food safety technologies.

Prior to joining the NCI, Dr. Hastings was an Intellectual Property and Partnerships Manager at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she had a pivotal role in expanding the office to include patenting, licensing, enforcement and in growing the number of technology transfer partnerships at several FDA Centers. Before joining FDA, she spent several years at NIH’s Office of Technology Transfer, where she was a Senior Licensing and Patenting Manager and Acting Branch Chief. Before working in technology transfer, Dr. Hastings worked in industry as an engineer with Corning, Inc. and was a fellow in the NCI Nanobiology program. She graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering and a minor in bioengineering from Clemson University and completed her master’s and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.